BUZZ around The Masters

The annual Masters Golf Tournament was held this past weekend, so we fired up BUZZcontrol to capture the effectiveness of Social Media in the events space. As of Sunday, when the event was over, we collected an impressive amount BUZZ surrounding this years Tournament.

  • BUZZreach: 45,432,469
    —total number of PEOPLE engaged in conversation about the event
  • BUZZexposure: 69,696,439
    —total number of IMPRESSIONS or times the event was shared/discussed
  • 52,555 Total Posts
    —total posts captured pertaining to the event
  • 42,209 Original Content Posts
    —amount of original posts made

Even though there were a few thousand at Augusta for the Tournament, the conversation was brought to the MILLIONS by power of Social Media.

One of the most important aspects of bringing Social Media engagement into your event is being able to keep the conversation moderated and safe for all eyes. BUZZcontrol software moderation was able to block over 5,000 posts that may not have been suitable for the environment.

The power of Social Curation is vital to any event, it extends the venue BEYOND just your physical location, with BUZZcontrol everyone can “join in the conversation”.

Why is this data valuable?

With BUZZcontrol, you can measure sentiment and overall feel for the event, as well as view common content being shared by contributors.


About redbuttonbuzz

SOCIAL for EVENTS BUZZcontrol, a patent pending platform, engages, entertains, educates, while managing and measuring all the Social Media conversations both online and onsite at events! DIGITAL EVENT Capture of your event with over 30 unique award-winning products that IMMEDIATELY reinforce your guest's experiences and gives them the ability to INSTANTLY share them! LIVE EVENT From the boardroom to the ballroom, total confidence that your message will be delivered flawlessly, on time and on budget! Clients include: VISA, Coca-Cola, Ford, John Hancock, HP, Toyota, Pfizer, Aviva, Steelcase, Honda, Neiman Marcus, Deloitte...etc. Events include: Olympics, Super Bowl, Conventions, Stadium Concerts, Formula 1, Vogue's Fashion Week, Product Launches, Incentives and Meetings, Politics, NHL, Tradeshows, NASCAR, Cruises...etc.
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