The Opera meets BUZZcontrol

On Saturday April 28th, The Dallas Opera, in partnership with Cowboys Stadium joined forces to bring the first classical music simulcast ever conducted in a North Texas sports venue, presented by The Dallas Foundation.

With this being a pioneer event of it’s kind, we wanted to get in on the BUZZ around this marriage of technology and opera. With BUZZcontrol, we were able to measure the CONVERSATION surrounding Jerry World.

According to The Dallas Opera, “The Dallas Opera, in partnership with Cowboys Stadium, drew an estimated fifteen thousand patrons to the Dallas Opera’s one-night-only April 28th Dallas Opera Cowboys Stadium Simulcast, presented by The Dallas Foundation, making it the best-attended opera stadium simulcast in Texas history. More than 34,000 ticket requests came in from throughout Texas and 26 additional states, Canada, and the District of Columbia.”

BUZZimpact measured the number of mentions regarding the top 5 BUZZwords:


Important BUZZmetrics? How about measuring how big your DIGITAL AUDIENCE is?


BUZZorgin is an important BUZZmetric that allows an event to cut down on the “digital noise” that is not original content and see how much content is being created in comparison to repeated.



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BUZZcontrol for the Arts

If you aren’t familiar with what we ( do, we offer SOCIAL CURATION for events.
BUZZcontrol, a patent pending platform, engages, entertains, educates, while managing and measuring all the Social Media conversations both online and onsite at events!

That being established, this weekend (April 19-22nd) the city of Ft. Worth Texas played host to the Main Street Arts Festival 2012. This event is the largest event of it’s kind in the Southwest.So we fired up BUZZcontrol to reinforce the value that SOCIAL CURATION could add to major events like this.

During the 4 days the event was being held, we recorded the following analysis:

BUZZcontrol measured that there were over 109K contributors engaged in conversation about the Main Street Arts Festival.

Over245 THOUSAND mentions were made about the top 5 BUZZwords in relation to the event. (are your ears burning yet?)

Perhaps one of  the most important measurements for events is that of the sentiment of the CONVERSATION revolving around it. Why is this important? With BUZZcontrol, you can effectively investigate how people are AUTHENTICALLY feeling about “what’s happening”!

Above is a tagxedo or “word cloud” of the most common words associated with the Main Street Arts Festival.

BUZZcontrol for events adds a level of engagement and analysis reports that has never been achievable.

There is a DIGITAL CONVERSATION going on, are you listening?

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BUZZ around The Masters

The annual Masters Golf Tournament was held this past weekend, so we fired up BUZZcontrol to capture the effectiveness of Social Media in the events space. As of Sunday, when the event was over, we collected an impressive amount BUZZ surrounding this years Tournament.

  • BUZZreach: 45,432,469
    —total number of PEOPLE engaged in conversation about the event
  • BUZZexposure: 69,696,439
    —total number of IMPRESSIONS or times the event was shared/discussed
  • 52,555 Total Posts
    —total posts captured pertaining to the event
  • 42,209 Original Content Posts
    —amount of original posts made

Even though there were a few thousand at Augusta for the Tournament, the conversation was brought to the MILLIONS by power of Social Media.

One of the most important aspects of bringing Social Media engagement into your event is being able to keep the conversation moderated and safe for all eyes. BUZZcontrol software moderation was able to block over 5,000 posts that may not have been suitable for the environment.

The power of Social Curation is vital to any event, it extends the venue BEYOND just your physical location, with BUZZcontrol everyone can “join in the conversation”.

Why is this data valuable?

With BUZZcontrol, you can measure sentiment and overall feel for the event, as well as view common content being shared by contributors.

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